Protesting UN inaction to violence in the Occupied Territories at MINURSO HQs, Tifariti, October 25, 2010 (photo: Kirby Gookin)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life in the Sahrawi Refugee Camps, Tindouf, Algeria

Smara, 2010 (Foto: Kirby Gookin)

Four of the five refugee camps are named after cities in the Occupied Territories of WS and the fifth, camp February 27, is named after Sahrawi independence day.  A sixth camp, Rabuni, serves as the administrative center of RASD and entry point for aid and aid workers.
Location of Refugee Camps in Algeria

For a unique assessment of camp life by a delegation of Trade Union representatives from the United Kingdom see the  Report of a Trades Union Congress delegation to the Sahrawi Refugee Camps, May 2006 which evaluates labor, women in work force, education, medicine, the economy, etc.; followed by conclusions and resolutions. [downloadable pdf available at top of link page]        
Refugee Camp "27 Febrero", 2009 (Foto: Robin Kahn)

Photo: Kirby Gookin
Adult English Classroom, 27 Febrero (Foto: Kirby Gookin)

Attendees at Conference on Protecting Sahrawi Patrimony, 27 Febrero 2010 (Foto: Kirby Gookin)
Women waiting for gas distribution, 27 Febrero, 2009 (Foto: Robin Kahn)
Store in Rabuni, 2009 (Foto: Robin Kahn)

 Food Aid, Processed Cheese, Smara (Foto: Kirby Gookin)

International Food Aid, 27 Febrero (Foto: Kirby Gookin)

Radio station, 27 Febrero (Foto: Edi Escobar)
Sandstorm, Smara 2009 (Foto: Federico Guzman)

Clothing store, Smara 2010 (Foto: Kirby Gookin)
Bookstore, Smara (Foto: Kirby Gookin)

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